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Insights | Corporate Law

How cyber-secure are you?

In case you missed it, October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. It seems like just about every day brings another news story about an ever increasing list of businesses and other organisations who have fallen victim to a cyber-attack or a data breach, but just who is behind these?

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Insights | Residential Property, Rural
Rural development plot

Grand Designs – what makes a rural development plot a dream home?

For many, finding and buying your dream home is a matter of browsing online property pages until the right one comes along and everything falls into place. For others, the opportunity to build from the ground up is far more appealing and that journey usually starts with securing a development plot.

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Events | Education

Universities Conference

We held our Universities Conference on 28th October, where you heard from our legal experts Andrew Brown, Paul Brown and Douglas McLachlan on the key employment, immigration and data protection concerns for universities. 

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Insights | Wills

Secret Wills – Does your will get the Royal Treatment?

The High Court has ruled that the will of the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh shall remain a secret for 90 years. It was decided that it was both undesirable and inappropriate for the will to be open to public inspection. However, we do not all get the royal treatment and this recent decision leads to questions surrounding the privacy of our wills. Have you considered what happens to your will after death and who is able to see it?

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Insights | Transport

Finding a route out of the HGV driver crisis

The shortage in commercial goods drivers across the UK is now in plain sight; with empty shelves in the shops and closed petrol stations. How have we got into this mess and what can done about it – will there be a route out of the crisis any time soon?

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Insights | Employment

Temporary Visas for HGV Drivers and Poultry Workers

It’s difficult to miss this week’s coverage of petrol stations running short of fuel supplies, and scenes in the media of queues and fist fights on the forecourts.  As if that was not enough, it’s been suggested that insufficient stocks of certain foods in the run up to December, particularly turkeys, could lead to ‘Christmas’ being cancelled (Alan Rickman’s Sheriff of Nottingham has much to answer for). 

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Events | Rural

Natural Capital webinar

We hosted our online event covering COP26 and Natural Capital opportunities for rural landowners on 12th October. In the run up to COP26, the interaction between business and nature is more important than ever. Recognising the inherent value in the natural resources around us can help us to benefit our economy, the environment and our wider society.

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Events | Charities & Third Sector

Annual Charities Conference 2021

We hosted our online charities conference on 7 October looking at how Scotland's charities can best respond to the changing landscape and how a commercial mind-set and sound governance can support a positive future.

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Events | Corporate Law

Online CPD – Scottish Referral Network

In our CPD seminar series hosted for solicitors in our Scottish Referral Network we share insight into a different specialist practice area each quarter. At our event on 5 October, our specialists discussed the main issues to be aware of when you're working on complex restructuring and insolvency matters.

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Insights | Commercial Property

In the dark over the future of high street restaurants

Food delivery has been reshaping the restaurant industry since the late 2000s. As more people order food online correspondingly there has been a huge increase in delivery apps. Depending on where you are reading this, you might already have had a takeaway delivered from what is known as a dark kitchen, sometimes called a ghost or virtual kitchen.

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