Immigration for Employers

Immigration Law is now a major consideration for all UK employers. At a minimum, every UK employer must fully comply with Right to Work laws and ensure they have established that every employee has a Right to Work in the UK.

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Immigration Law also now plays a major role in recruiting workers from outside the UK and retaining workers in the UK who are subject to immigration control.

UK employers are increasingly experiencing critical shortages of workers and need to recruit from outside the UK.

In order to recruit workers from outside the UK an employer must hold a Home Office Sponsor Licence.

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Our Immigration law specialists at Anderson Strathern, working alongside our Employment lawyers, can provide a full legal service to employers in all areas of Immigration law. We will advise you on:

  • the Immigration law you must comply with
  • the areas of law you can utilise to recruit workers from outside the UK
  • the areas of law that can help you retain workers who are already in the UK

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