Personal Injury

If you’ve suffered an injury due to the fault of another, then you’ll know this can have a profound impact on all aspects of your life, career and family.

We have over 30 years of experience in helping people who have suffered from a wide range of injuries, including accidents at work, catastrophic and fatal claims, industrial disease and injuries suffered abroad.

Our team is recognised as a leading practice in Scotland for personal injury cases. We have obtained millions of pounds in damages over the years.

We look after every aspect of your case and guide you through the legal process. We’ll:

  • meet with you face-to-face (or virtually) to discuss the process of making a claim
  • set out the necessary legal steps involved
  • advise you on how our investigations will be tailored to your specific needs
  • advise you on the independent experts who provide reports on negligence, the cause and the extent of your injuries
  • deal with the defenders
  • raise court proceedings where no settlement can be agreed and see your case to a conclusion.

Funding a case is a key issue for those who have been injured. We’re able to provide a range of funding options depending on your case and your personal circumstances, including legal aid, legal expenses insurance and, on occasion, cover from a claims backer where cover is provided on the basis of a percentage of damages recovered.

Our focus is on you and your needs will always be at the forefront of our minds. Our commitment and expertise will allow us to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in fighting for the compensation that you deserve.

"They have a shared ethos of providing excellent service and care to their clients."

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