Making a Will

You can trust us to draft your will clearly and thoroughly, ensuring all of your wishes are clearly set out. Our experts know what goes into creating an all-encompassing will and will explain what you can do, or may want to consider. We’ll discuss areas that you may not have thought about and help you put your intentions into words.

It’s becoming increasingly important to draft a will that is specific to your situation because the way our society functions has changed significantly since the current rules were written.

The last major reform of the law of succession in Scotland took place in 1964. Society has changed a great deal since then and there are now many more forms of family than ever before. It’s now common to find that people we’d consider ‘family’ don’t formally have an entitlement to the estates of their loved ones, unless there is a will in place. A key factor in this is that, in recent years, there has been the rise in the number of family units where the parents have chosen not to marry, or where they’ve been married before and bring their children to the new relationships.

Another consideration is that the age to inherit in Scotland is 16, meaning that relatively young people could become entitled to large sums of money at a young age. It may be that you want to set up a trust in your will so that children do not get funds until they reach a certain age. A well written will trust can also allow for advances should needs arise or circumstances change.

There are certain formalities involved when preparing a will.  Documents need to be signed correctly. Forms of wording may mean one thing to you but something entirely different to someone else. Our will writing services can prevent problems occurring.

It is important too to know that a will may not encompass everything. A pension pot, for example, usually needs a nomination separate from the will. We can advise on what you should check to ensure that you’ve planned what will happen to all of your assets.

Wills, executries, and all of the related issues that arise from them are a significant part of what our experts do and our aim is always to guide our clients as smoothly as possible through what can be difficult times.

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If you’d like to hear more about how to create or update your will, or if you have any other questions, please contact us.

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