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We act for commercial property owners and for all types of occupiers requiring premises for their business.

We’re perfectly placed to take an overview of your needs, and help you to shape your lease so that it works for you.

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We currently hold a double Real Estate Team of the Year title from both the Herald Law Awards of Scotland and the Scottish Legal Awards 2021.

For landlords

We have a wealth of experience in drafting and reviewing commercial leases. We understand what is important and will make sure your lease provides the protections you need. Knowing that your assets are protected and that the premises are being maintained appropriately will give you peace of mind.

You’ll want assurance that rent and any associated service charges will be paid on time and you may also benefit from advice on rent deposits and guarantees. We’ll explain everything you need to know clearly and concisely, sharing advice that is relevant to you and your transaction.

For tenants

As a tenant taking on new premises, it’s imperative that you find a space that meets your needs. It can be tempting – especially for those looking for their first business location – to focus on the positive attributes and lose sight of any pitfalls. That’s where our service is of greatest value to you.

We’ll discuss your short term and long term goals, gain an understanding of your aspirations and use this knowledge as we review your lease from a commercial perspective. This holistic approach will enable us to share pragmatic advice with you, so you can make the best decision for you and your business.

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"With a good commercial awareness and the ability to understand the wider objectives of our business, the firm actively pushes deals forward as opposed to waiting for instructions at every juncture."

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