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At Anderson Strathern, we act for individuals, businesses and other organisations in respect of all of their needs across the full range of legal sectors. Our lawyers have an exceptional breadth of experience and provide clear and practical advice to resolve legal issues efficiently and without delay.

At Anderson Strathern, we act for individuals, businesses and other organisations in respect of all of their needs across the full range of legal sectors. Our lawyers have an exceptional breadth of experience and provide clear and practical advice to resolve legal issues efficiently and without delay.

Based in Lerwick, we are easily accessible on foot and by public transport.

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Reaching us by car

We are located off the A969 and have on-site parking.

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Visit the Shetland Travel Information website to plan your journey.


Our Shetland offices are wheelchair friendly. If there is anything we can do to help you access our legal services or to make your visit to us easier in any way, please speak to one of our team in confidence, and we will be happy to make arrangements for you.

Our legal services for you

Family Law

We understand how difficult divorce or separation can be, as well as the level of stress that is often involved as a relationship breaks down and new arrangements need to be made. Our family law team are sympathetic and helpful and will give you the support and advice you need to navigate the legal aspects of your separation.

Our Shetland-based family law solicitors can help you with all your matrimonial and child law needs, including:

Medical negligence

When medical care or treatment does not go according to plan, and you suffer loss or injury because of failures on the part of your healthcare practitioner, you may be entitled to damages by way of compensation.

Our medical negligence solicitors understand how difficult it is to bring a legal claim while you are dealing with the consequences of your treatment, and they will do all they can to make the process as easy as possible for you. We represent clients in claims relating to mistakes made by doctors, midwives and other healthcare professionals.

Our Shetland medical negligence team deal with a full range of claims, including:

Personal injury

If you have been injured and it was because of someone else’s negligence, then you are likely to want to make a claim for damages to support you and compensate you for your pain and suffering as well as any resulting financial losses. Our personal injury team have an excellent track record in obtaining substantial awards, running into millions of pounds over the years.

Our Shetland personal injury solicitors deal with a full range of issues, including:

Wills and succession planning

There are extensive advantages in making a will, including efficient tax and estate planning, ensuring children are provided for and protected for the future and supporting your loved ones. A well-drafted will can also substantially reduce the likelihood of a dispute arising after death.

Our Shetland wills and succession planning lawyers can help with the following:


We are experts in the complex area of trust law and have been advising Scottish families in respect of wealth protection and preservation for over 270 years. Our team of trusts experts includes lawyers accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as Trust Law specialists as well as members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and Chartered Tax Advisors.

Our trusts lawyers in Shetland can advise on the full range of trust and wealth management matters, including:


Staying compliant when it comes to tax affairs and structuring your finances in the most efficient way possible is not always simple. Our tax planning and compliance experts have an exceptional breadth of knowledge in the area and will provide clear, actionable advice.

We will help guide you towards the right decisions for your individual needs in respect of major tax issues, including planning in respect of inheritance tax and capital gains tax.

Our Shetland-based tax experts offer advice in the following areas:

Employment law for employees

If you believe you have been unfairly treated at work, it can be very stressful. Our employment law team understand how difficult employment disputes can be and will do all they can to resolve matters on your behalf without delay.

Our Shetland employment solicitors deal with the full range of employee issues, including:

Residential property

If you are buying or selling a property, you need to be sure that you have sound legal advice as well as a fast and efficient service to ensure you have the best chance of a successful transaction. We work to ensure that you are taking on a sound investment and that your purchase or sale is as stress-free as possible.

Our Shetland residential property lawyers deal with all aspects of buying or selling a home, including:

  • Selling your home
  • Buying a home
  • High Net Worth residential property
  • Buy-to-let property
  • Remortgaging
  • Transfer of title
  • Property sourcing
  • Pre-sale appraisals

Our legal services for your business

Agricultural and rural law

At Anderson Strathern, we have an extensive history of representing agricultural families for all their legal needs. We have a strong understanding of the sector, and our advice to you will be pragmatic and tailored to your unique situation.

Our agricultural and rural law team includes specialist lawyers accredited by the Law Society of Scotland in respect of Agricultural Law. We also offer expertise in adjacent related areas of law, including corporate law, planning and environmental law, construction, energy, charity law, tax planning, accountancy and succession planning, to ensure that you receive a complete service in one place.

Our Shetland-based agricultural and rural law solicitors deal with all legal issues, including:

Commercial litigation

We know how disruptive commercial disputes are to a business, and we always aim to resolve these quickly wherever possible to allow you to return your focus to your goals. Our team have a strong track record of success in representing businesses in disputes, resolving matters both out of court and at hearings.

Our Shetland commercial litigation team have wide experience advising businesses of all sizes, including in respect of the following:

Commercial property

Our commercial property experts represent clients in respect of projects in a wide variety of areas, including housing developments and commercial leases.

Our Shetland commercial property lawyers can advise you in respect of the following:

Corporate law

Sound corporate law advice is crucial in ensuring that a business has a solid legal foundation. This can prevent difficulties arising in the future and also ensure that a business has solid legal documentation in place to protect it if need be. We specialise in helping businesses grow while making sure they have the legal expertise they need to protect their rights and interests.

Our corporate lawyers in Shetland can advise in respect of a full range of corporate and commercial legal matters, including:

Employment law for employers

Employment law disputes can be very disruptive to a business, taking time away from work and tying up key personnel. Our employment law team have a strong track record of resolving difficulties quickly, often by negotiation, so that difficulties can be ended without delay.

Our Shetland employment law solicitors can advise in respect of the following:

Hotels and tourism

We represent a wide variety of clients in the hotel and tourism industry, including hoteliers, business operators, investors, funders and tourism and leisure brands. We know the difficulties that the sector has faced in recent times, and we tailor our advice to take into account the current state of the market and likely future events.

Our Shetland hotel and tourism solicitors can assist with the following issues:

  • Purchases and sales
  • Corporate structuring and reorganisations
  • Hotel management and franchise arrangements
  • Funding and property finance
  • Investments and private equity
  • Partnerships and joint ventures
  • Planning, development and construction
  • Employment – with specific HR on-site support
  • Licensing
  • Health and Safety
  • Commercial contracts

Tax and accountancy

At Anderson Strathern, we are known for our exceptional expertise in tax and accountancy matters. Our team has in-depth knowledge of this complex area of law and regulation, with experts in all areas of tax as well as six Chartered Tax Advisors. We offer a full estate and tax planning service as well as advice in respect of compliance.

Our Shetland tax and accountancy experts deal with the full spectrum of issues, including:

Transport law

Our transport law team is one of the foremost in Scotland, advising across the sector in roads, rail, maritime and aviation. Our lawyers deal with a wide range of matters, including real estate, environment, health and safety, employment and pensions advice.

Our Shetland transport solicitors can represent you in respect of the following:

  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Wet and dry leases
  • Contracts
  • Franchises
  • Supply agreements and supply chain issues
  • Public procurement
  • Brexit
  • International trade
  • Real estate
  • Employment law
  • Health and safety

Our legal services for the public sector

Education law

Those in the education sector face constantly evolving legislation and compliance requirements. Our education law team can guide you through the rules to ensure you do not breach them as well as stepping in quickly to deal with any disputes that arise before they escalate.

Our education law solicitors in Shetland offer a wide spectrum of advice, including in respect of:

  • Employment law
  • Discrimination
  • Property
  • Procurement
  • Intellectual property
  • Freedom of information
  • Charity law
  • Regulation
  • Protection of vulnerable groups
  • Disputes

Housing law

Our housing law experts represent housing associations, landlords, developers and local authorities in respect of a range of public and private housing issues, including management, developments and dispute resolution.

Our Shetland housing lawyers can advise and represent you in respect of:

  • Social housing
  • Property and development
  • Evictions and arrears
  • Dilapidations
  • Compulsory purchases
  • Access and servitude disputes

Local government law

We have a wide range of expertise relating to local government law and representing local authorities in respect of all of their legal needs. We understand the challenges faced, and our advice will take into account the political, social, economic and commercial background to any issues faced.

Our Shetland local government lawyers are able to assist across all local authority legal matters, including:

  • Procurement, Competition Law and State Aid
  • Planning and Environment
  • Litigation
  • Housing
  • Debt Recovery
  • Family and Childcare
  • Education Law
  • Construction Law (contentious and non-contentious)
  • Data Protection
  • Freedom of Information
  • Corporate Law
  • Finance Law
  • Property Law (residential and commercial)
  • Transportation Law
  • Employment and Pensions
  • Major Projects

Parliamentary law

We provide parliamentary and public law advice to businesses as well as guidance on changes in the law and drafting for legislators.

Our Shetland parliamentary law solicitors offer the following expertise:

  • Advising on the interpretation of legislation
  • Providing legislative drafting services
  • Acting as promoters of Private Bills in the Scottish Parliament

Professional regulation

We represent professionals in a variety of sectors, dealing with regulatory matters, including representation in investigations and preparation of a strong case in defence of any allegations of wrongdoing. Our expertise includes healthcare, public services, professional and local government regulation.

Our professional regulation solicitors in Shetland offer advice and representation in respect of the following:

  • Drafting rules and sanctions guidance
  • Investigation
  • Advocacy
  • Appeals
  • Judicial review

Charity law

We advise charities in respect of the full range of legal issues, from inception through their full life cycle. The law relating to charities is extensive and sometimes complex, and having the right legal representation will ensure that you are compliant.

Our Shetland charity lawyers can advise on all aspects of charity law, including:

  • Setting up a charity
  • Choosing the right legal form for a new charity
  • Charity reorganisations, mergers, amalgamations etc.
  • Charity governance
  • Charity policies and procedures
  • Charity fundraising
  • Trustee training and advice
  • Safeguarding
  • Charity accounts
  • Charity disputes
  • Winding up a charity