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Our Values

Our core values shape how we do business, how we interact with each other and with our clients. They demonstrate what Anderson Strathern stands for and the standards to which we adhere. These values are the key to who we are and the culture we foster within the business.

Our roots ground us; our ambition drives us

Grounded in strong foundations, we are built to last, we adapt and evolve, embracing opportunity with energy and ambition. We have a history of doing what is right, in the right way, using our success to build a better future.

Show empathy; act with humility

We make a difference every day; appreciating that we all grow together. We invest in our clients and in our people; we listen and support, we take action to improve our communities and the environment, we make time to help each other.

When faced with hurdles, we jump

We are dynamic, bold and innovative in our work, solving problems with creative solutions. We invest, adapt and improve, nurturing an environment where everyone feels empowered to develop their skills and deliver the best possible results.

Grow with purpose

We lead by example, speaking with honesty and acting with integrity, staying true to our collective values and to ourselves. Driven by ambitious ethical growth we work to the highest standards to retain our market-leading service, we do what we say we will do.