Agriculture Leases

There are multiple lease types in Scotland, and those concerning rural property can be particularly complex as each one is regulated by different statutory procedures. Our experts can help you to quickly pinpoint the types of lease, or leases, required by you or your business and can assist practically by drafting, reviewing or revising the lease, depending on your requirements.

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Agricultural Leases

Our highly skilled experts advise on all aspects of leases for agricultural holdings. We understand the challenges surrounding this complex area of the law and are able to guide our clients through the issues, including succession, assignation and the resolution of disputes. We also advise on other agricultural business structures including farming partnerships and contract farming agreements.

Rural Leases

In addition, our experts regularly advise on sporting leases, fishing rights (including syndication), standing commercial timber and crofting and smallholding land tenure. We are also able to help you with all other lease types, including telecommunication masts, electricity substations and wayleaves for electricity infrastructure, minerals and aggregates, commercial and retail premises and residential property.

Energy development

In addition to the above, our team also has significant experience on advising landowners on leases to enable energy development. We have significant experience in advising landowners and developers of wind, hydro, solar, anaerobic digestion, battery storage and gas to grid projects.

Lease and property disputes

As a full service law firm, we’re also able to advise on disputes relative to rural leases and property across Scotland. To avoid delay and cost we treat litigation as a last resort and will do our best to achieve a negotiated solution, where possible. We advise on alternative dispute resolution mechanisms including mediation, arbitration and expert determination.

"Anderson Strathern is the “go to” firm, as far as I am concerned, for rural property issues. When I am asked for a recommendation it is always Anderson Strathern. The team is efficient; approachable and very knowledgeable in this complex area of law."

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