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Our tax and accountancy specialists can take care of all of your personal and business tax needs under one roof, including tax planning and tax compliance together with a wide range of accountancy and business services.

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At Anderson Strathern we specialise in dealing with tax and accountancy matters for a wide range of clients from high-net worth individuals to large family businesses. We appreciate that effective tax planning is imperative for our clients. Our tax planning experts  are dedicated to supporting clients to organise their financial and business affairs in order to best protect and maximise their wealth.

All of our experts are well versed in providing tax advice in every area your business needs to consider, including its initial set-up, planning for short- and longer-term growth and ultimately , its disposal.

Each of our clients receives bespoke tax advice, tailored not just to take your personal and  business’ immediate needs into account but also to ensure you’re well prepared for the future. At the same time, our experts will support you to plan for your personal tax needs.

Our experts bring with them an impressive breadth of experience – we have eight Chartered Tax Advisers, two members of the Law Society of Scotland Tax Committee and one accredited specialist in Private Client Tax. Their accumulative expertise is applied to provide you with the best possible service and practical, solution driven advice.

Ensuring your business’ tax affairs are managed efficiently and proactively could play a significant part in its future success. Business taxation requirements change constantly and keeping up to date with tax compliance and reporting options is becoming increasingly difficult for business owners.

Our tax  advisers and accounts team  are perfectly placed to manage all of this for you. They’ll listen to what you want to achieve now and, in the future, and apply their specialist knowledge to help you realise your future goals.

At Anderson Strathern we can support clients with a wide range of tax and accountancy matters, including:

  • Personal tax planning for high-net-worth individuals and their businesses
  • Ensuring tax efficiency for your business
  • Tax return compliance
  • Support with tax disputes
  • Tax advice in connection with disposals of business interests

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To learn more about our tax and accountancy services, get in touch with our tax team at at Anderson Strathern today. You can give us a call on 0131 270 7700 or complete the enquiry form on our contact page and a member of our team will be in touch.

Our tax and accountancy services

Tax efficiency for your business

Our tax experts can offer support for business owners, including new entrepreneurs who need advice on the types of business structures available. For established companies, we provide proactive planning advice on the acquisition, ownership and disposal of any type of assets by your business. We can also provide advice on effective remuneration planning to help retain, incentivise and reward employees.

At Anderson Strathern we support businesses with practical and effective tax planning solutions. To maximise your options and potential tax benefits, it’s best to seek advice at the beginning of a project or transaction. We have a wealth of knowledge at our disposal to assist clients, including advising on:

  • Profit extraction, including guidance on salaries, dividends, venture capital trusts, property investment and pensions contribution.
  • Options for mitigating both capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

Support with tax return compliance

Completing your tax return can be complicated and all the more so if you’re a business owner. Our tax advisors have the experience and in-depth knowledge to ensure that you comply with the relevant tax rules when completing and filing your tax return for you, , minimising the chance of future enquiries by the tax authorities.

Our team of tax compliance experts will guide you safely through your personal tax reporting requirements ensuring youfully understand your tax compliance position. Completing the appropriate tax returns can be time-consuming and frustrating, while instructing a member of our tax compliance team is a far less stressful way to ensure that the tax you owe is reported and paid on time.

Support with tax enquiries

If you are facing a tax enquiry or a more serious dispute, including civil or criminal investigation, our tax experts and, where appropriate, Dispute Resolution department can support you. While tax non-compliance can incur interest and penalties, it may not be too late to resolve the situation and improve your tax position, by working with our tax specialists and lawyers.

It could be that you are not facing a dispute but regardless you are concerned about dealing with your ongoing tax compliance responsibilities. We can assist you in reviewing your tax affairs (including your tax returns and calculations), and help put in place a manageable tax plan moving forward.

Assistance with business disposals

The transfer, sale or winding-up of your business could trigger substantial tax charges. Effective tax planning advice could reduce, defer or even eliminate any tax liability.

We can advise you on how to maximise the availability of certain tax reliefs on the disposal of your business, including effective use of capital gains tax business asset disposal (entrepreneurs) relief, rollover relief and reinvestment relief depending on your business and personal circumstances.

Personal tax planning

Our experts also provide personal tax planning for your own needs, advising large estate owners, family businesses, high net worth individuals, family trusts and other entities. We provide the full sphere of tax advice.

Clients with large estates, including, for example, property interests, businessinterests, and high-value  income generating assets will benefit from implementing tax planning strategies during their lifetimes, to protect their wealth, ensure compliance, and secure their future.

How can high-net worth individuals save on tax?

To reduce the amount of tax that you pay youshould consider working with a tax planning expert who can help you create and implement a tax minimisation strategy.

If you’re interested in tax planning for high-net-worth individuals, please contact our tax advisers at Anderson Strathern.

What is the main goal of tax planning?

The main goal of tax planning is to highlight ways to reduce your tax exposure in a practical and cost-effective manner while protecting your financial, personal or commercial interests Effective tax planning can help individuals and families to protect their wealth now and for future generations

Tax planning can also be used as part of tailoredwwealth management strategies, supporting individuals to protect and grow their wealth while often supporting their investment and/or business ventures.

Contact our tax and accountancy advisers today

To learn more about our tax and accountancy services, get in touch with our tax and accountancy experts at Anderson Strathern today. You can give us a call on 0131 270 7700 or complete the enquiry form on our contact page and a member of our team will be in touch.

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