Birth Injury

We have decades of experience and knowledge of all forms of birth injury, including when a baby develops cerebral palsy as the result of oxygen deprivation during labour as well as other kinds of birth injury, such as those resulting from shoulder dystocia or neonatal stroke or from the instruments used in a delivery.

When problems occur during the birth of a child the consequences can be severe and long-lasting. When those problems could have been avoided by competent care before and during delivery the situation can become even more distressing.

We have the expertise to investigate and pursue compensation in this highly complex and potentially very high value area of medical negligence.

We will recover all relevant records for mum and baby, discuss with those present what happened and then instruct medical experts to review all the evidence and prepare a report addressing the legal test for medical negligence.

Birth injuries can have life-long consequences and therefore life-long care, equipment and therapies could be required. These all come at a great cost and we are here to help ensure full compensation is received and that a child’s future is protected.

If a claim can be made we will obtain reports from all the specialists that need to be involved in making the child’s situation as comfortable and supported as well as ensure all the therapies that are needed are fully costed. This means using the extensive directory of experts we’ve created over the years of doing these types of cases to ensure care, case management, speech and language, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, aids and equipment as well as accommodation and many more are all fully investigated and properly costed.

Because of our track record of success in these cases we are able to assist clients beyond the settlement of these multi-million pound claims by engaging colleagues who specialise in trusts, guardianships, property, construction and investment management to continue to support our clients in the long-term.

"They have a great knowledge of the law and are excellent tacticians."

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