Employment Settlement Agreement

An employment settlement agreement is a legally binding agreement between an employer and an employee. On the right terms, this can be an effective means to bring an employment relationship to an end amicably with limited conflict. Alternatively, it can be used to resolve an existing dispute even where employment continues or settle potential claims after employment ends.

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How we can help you

We advise on potential claims, settlement agreements and settlement discussions on a daily basis. Whether you are an owner/manager of an organisation, an HR professional or an in-house solicitor, we have the expertise and years of experience to help you. Taking advice from specialist solicitors who regularly appear before Employment Tribunal judges, really helps to keep you on the right track.

Employment disputes, whether a grievance or disciplinary issue, can often involve lengthy formal process. We can advise and support clients on how to come to a satisfactory settlement agreement in an amicable way that finds the right solution for both parties. Employment Tribunals can be costly and the outcome can be unpredictable. A settlement agreement may offer a more straightforward and cost-effective solution.

Many clients and their advisers now recognise that alternative ways to resolve disputes are worth considering. All of our team members engage both in giving direct advice to clients and taking on the advocacy function. They’ll always look for the best route to find a mutually acceptable resolution using direct negotiation, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes where appropriate.

Our Chalk Circle service may also be of interest to you and your organisation. Through this service we can offer support for clients looking to use mediation, either for specific business issues or to embed a culture within your organisation.

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