Land Rights

Our team of energy and rural specialists can provide the necessary advice and guidance to ensure that all parties are aware of their rights and responsibilities, as well as the duties owed to local people and the wider communities.

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The use of land, particularly with increased emphasis on woodlands, restoration of peatlands, soil management and carbon management has begun to attract significant public and private investment. Whilst the key focus is on reducing climate related emissions, there has also been a marked shift in how land is to be used, managed, and accessed.

As a firm with a long history of rural affairs, we understand that engagement with all parties is key, and that certain practices and sustainable behaviours are needed when taking decisions about land. An understanding of both the rural and commercial environments is essential to navigate through this rapidly developing sector. Whether it is to off-set carbon emissions or generating returns through carbon credits, our teams have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that our clients are best placed to harness the possibilities.