Tax Planning

No one wants to pay more tax than they should and we specialise in helping you make sure that your tax affairs are planned efficiently. Effective tax planning could defer, reduce or even eliminate your tax exposure.

We’re here to help you minimise your tax and maximise your wealth.

We cover all areas of tax and can help you plan your current and future tax strategy.

Your main goal may be to preserve wealth so it can be passed on to future generations, you might want to increase your current wealth, generate income or perhaps a combination.

Our tax planning services include:

Inheritance tax (IHT) planning

If your estate is worth more than the current nil-rate band and residential nil-rate bands, or if you have made substantial gifts in the seven years preceding your death, your loved ones may be faced with substantial IHT liabilities. It is possible to minimise your exposure through careful tax planning. We can help you navigate how best to plan for your personal circumstances through both lifetime gifting and in your will.

Capital gains tax (CGT)

CGT is payable by a UK resident taxpayer on the disposal of  assets situated anywhere in the world. Non-UK residents are also caught by the UK CGT regime on the disposal of residential and commercial property situated in the UK. We can help you plan effectively to minimise the amount of CGT  you are liable to pay.

Income tax and remuneration planning

Higher and additional higher rate taxpayers should consider reviewing their own personal tax position with that of their spouse/civil partner and/or other family members. Family businesses can also provide a number of opportunities to control the income tax exposure of both owners and employees. We’ll review your income sources and highlight planning opportunities.

Tax-efficient investments

Investment in certain qualifying assets and investments can help defer, minimise and even eliminate income tax, CGT and/or IHT liabilities. We will help guide you through the available tax reliefs in light of your circumstances and tax planning objectives.

Leaving and returning to the UK

We can advise on the application of the UK statutory residence test and domicile rules and potential planning options arising from you leaving or returning to the UK. Our tax advice extends to advising clients on the tax implications of investing in property and other UK assets.

We're here to help

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