Joint Ventures and M&A

With increased competition for renewables projects, more investors and developers are turning to M&A activity to acquire renewable power generation. As the size and complexity of projects increases, those same parties are looking for joint venture opportunities to progress their projects.

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A successful joint venture or M&A transaction consists of many commercial drivers. At Anderson Strathern, our corporate team draws on expertise from across the firm, working closely with our specialists in tax, banking and real estate to build the depth of sector knowledge required to tailor advice to our clients’ needs.

Our team has the multi-disciplinary expertise and knowledge of the renewables M&A market to guide you through every step of your transaction. We advise on structuring shareholder arrangements and all other corporate law aspects of a project. We pride ourselves on bringing potential deals to our clients through our extensive connections in the sector. We have a track record of advising renewable energy developers and investors from outside of the UK as they enter the UK market.

We provide leading strategic, legal and regulatory advice, which is of increasing importance with many M&A deals now increasingly being cross-border and often multi-jurisdictional. We seek to cut through the jargon and make the process as simple as possible, focusing on the key issues during a proposed acquisition. This also means being pragmatic and practical. There’s no point scoring- we just get the deal done.

Understanding the legal issues and having the market knowledge is key to being able to execute a successful joint venture or M&A. Whether enabling clients to break into new sectors, accessing greater resources, sharing operation and maintenance costs, or mitigating risks, we value our clients’ relationships, and our advice is rooted in best serving our clients’ commercial interests.