We have the knowledge and experience needed to assess the performance of any surgical operation as well as the discussions that took place before to determine whether there has been any negligence.

Whether it is cosmetic, planned or emergency surgery a patient is entitled to expect their operation is performed competently and any foreseeable risks are minimised. A patient’s knowledge of what has happened during their surgical procedure tends to be very limited and our specialist team knows what evidence requires to be ingathered to determine whether a claim can succeed.

We also know what hurdles need to be overcome in order to determine whether consent for a surgical procedure has been sufficient. A patient is entitled to know what the risks and benefits of all reasonable treatment options, including any alternatives, are and to fully discuss that well in advance of any operation.

"Anderson Strathern is an excellent specialist firm in the area of medical negligence and personal injury. Their attention to detail and professionalism sets them aside from their competitors in this market."

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