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Our Net Zero Mission

Anderson Strathern’s Net Zero ambition, why it matters and how the firm will deliver on it.

Why does Net Zero matter to us?

At Anderson Strathern we care about our environment. We understand the impact our emissions have and that every business needs to play its part, that’s why as a key part of our strategy, we are committing to significant changes.

Achieving Net Zero means ensuring our carbon emissions are in balance with the emissions we can remove from the atmosphere. In practice, Net Zero will mean we focus our efforts to achieve the greatest impact, which will involve a mixture of avoiding emissions, implementing more efficient working practices and using renewable energy. However, we recognise that Net Zero will require us to offset carbon to compensate for unavoidable emissions; and go beyond carbon neutrality by continually reducing the amount we need to offset over time.

Where are we heading?

‘Net Zero’ means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as far as possible from the atmosphere and balance any of our ongoing CO2 emissions through a credible carbon offset scheme. Shrinking our emissions can involve a mix of reducing resource use, making our processes and services more energy efficient, and switching to renewable energy sources.

We are starting our journey to be Net Zero by 2045 with an interim target of 2030, which will be reviewed regularly in light of new information to ensure it meets our collective long-term goal.

How are we developing a credible approach to Net Zero?

Our strategy is to be “an entrepreneurial and dynamic firm which is in robust financial health and which cares about its people, clients, environment and communities”; and Net Zero is a key component for this strategy. Over a number of years, we have built a strong CSR policy, including certification to ISO14001, developed a track record in advising on nationally significant renewable energy projects and established a dedicated task force focused on innovation. Net Zero is therefore a natural progression for us. It is critical to avoid emissions which is why we take this seriously and involved our people in the mission to net zero.

With the changing nature of all Net Zero journeys, we are committed to recording and monitoring our emissions to in line with key reporting principles. We will report our Net Zero position annually for our financial year commencing September 2021 onwards.

How do we involve our people?

Net Zero requires a collection of ideas, not a single solution. So, as well as big innovations, a small and simple change in our daily activities could have a big impact on our emissions. The Net Zero Group meets quarterly to discuss feedback from our people who then report back and share ideas and comments. The firm’s Net Zero ambition demonstrates its leadership to its current and prospective employees who desire real change and want to exceed the rising expectations of public and private clients.

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