Catastrophic and Fatal Claims

We recognise that a serious injury, such as a brain injury, spinal injury or the death of a loved one as the result of an accident can be a traumatic and sometimes overwhelming experience. We have a dedicated team who will approach your case with both expertise and empathy to ensure that, if the case is successful, you receive the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to.

We have the experience and compassion, built up over 30 years in acting in some of the most complex cases in Scotland caused by serious injuries. Our specialist team act in catastrophic injury cases where people have been left brain injured, immobilised or needing long term care. We also deal with fatal claims and have considerable expertise in acting for and advising family members where a loved one has died as a result of accident and negligence.

Our wider personal injury team of experts includes those who deal in incapacity and in investment of damages in personal injury trusts and land and house purchase for specially designed or adapted homes.

Seeking specialist legal input is vital if you or a loved one has suffered a life changing injury.  We recognise the pressure, strain and stress that focusing on recover after a serious injury can bring.  We therefore aim to take away as much of that as possible by ensuring that your claim is dealt with by experienced lawyers with the sensitivity and compassion to work in this area.

  • We’ll take the time to meet with you, or where relevant, a family member who has legal responsibility for caring for you, for as long as is needed to ensure that we have a full understanding of the impact that the injury has had
  • We’ve a suite of independent experts who we are able to instruct on negligence, causation and every aspect of the impact of the injury, as well as the extent of your compensatable loss
  • We’ll then deal wholly with the defender (the party at fault) and their insurers to minimise any stress that process may bring
  • We ‘ll deal with the claim as expeditiously as possible, recognising complex cases do take longer, as possible and will work on it diligently to ensure that, if your case is successful, you receive the maximum award possible.

Funding a case is a key issue for those who have been seriously injured, or where a family member has died. We’re able to provide a range of funding options depending on your case and your personal circumstances, including legal aid, legal expenses insurance and, on occasion, cover from a claims backer where cover is provided on the basis of a percentage of damages recovered.

"Good communication within this team, prompt and proficient updates and feedback about any progress with my case. Very thorough and supportive."

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