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Specialist tax advice on all aspects of residential and commercial property transactions.

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Whether you’re a holiday home owner a landlord or a non-UK resident investor, our experts can cater to your tax compliance and planning needs. Ensuring that you’re fully compliant and also maximising the benefits available to you is always our main goal. We’re also able to complete and file the appropriate tax returns on your behalf, minimising the complexities involved for you as a property owner.

How we can help you as a property owner

Simple and effective tax planning advice at the outset of a transaction will help you to minimise the tax exposure and associated costs while maximising the benefits of your property ownership. We advise contacting us when you’re considering a transaction – this is the time when you have the most options open to you and means we can provide you with the greatest insight on its ownership together with potential tax benefits and pitfalls.

The property tax system has become more complex in recent years as the Scottish and UK Governments are seeking to increase tax revenue, slow down the property market and encourage wider property ownership.

Helping you meet compliance and reporting requirements

The introduction of new property taxes such as the land and buildings transaction tax (LBTT) additional dwellings supplement (‘ADS’) charge in Scotland from 1 April 2016 and the 30 day CGT reporting and payment regime from 6 April 2020 make it more challenging than ever to clearly establish the actual tax implications of even the most straightforward of property transactions.

We’ve a team of experts specialising in CGT, LBTT and other property taxes who are here to help ensure that you’re fully aware of the tax compliance and reporting requirements involved in all of the stages of property ownership – acquisition, ownership and disposal of property interests.

We’re here to help you not only with effective tax planning, but through the full property tax compliance process.

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