Tax Planning for Businesses

We provide specialist tax planning and compliance advice to maximise the tax reliefs that are available to you, while also minimising your tax liability, meaning you’ll have less to pay out throughout you and your family’s lifetime. We’ll also help you make the most out of your assets, considering how and when to pass them over to your loved ones.

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Business taxes are complex waters to navigate, particularly through times of growth and change in your company and in the economy. Our tax planning specialists are here to help you with advice on the setting-up and ownership of family businesses. We can also help you to decide the best disposal method for you – you may want to pass the business on to one or more family members but if that’s not the right course for them, we’ll discuss alternative options, such as Employee Ownership Trusts, ensuring that you reach a decision that’s right for all of you.

How and when we can help

We’re able to provide advice at any stage of your business’ lifecycle, although we’d recommend contacting our experts at the beginning of a project or transaction. That’s when the most options are available and we’ll be able to set out the tax plans that are best fitted to your needs. We can advise on all areas of tax planning, including acquisition, ownership and disposal of property and any other associated assets.

Our overall aim is to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to the stability of your business. We’ll help you achieve certainty on the level and timing of your tax liabilities while relieving you of the ongoing burden of completing tax returns. We can take care of your VAT returns, self-assessment, partnership and corporation tax returns, as well as all elements of tax planning.

We’ve a team of experienced tax and accounting practitioners who can offer you practical advice and guidance on a wide range of tax issues to help you achieve your business goals. We can help you put sensible plans in place to ensure that you’re able to make the best decisions to help your business and your family continue to succeed in the future.

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