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In 2014, the Scottish Government set a target for all Scottish land and property to be transferred from the old deeds based Sasines Register to the new Land Register by 2024. This project aims to create a transparent and user friendly database of titles, which can be accessed online. Our experts can advise on all aspects of registering your property.

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We have registered everything from individual houses to entire estates, and were the sole law firm involved in the registration of the foreshore on behalf of Crown Estate Scotland spanning nearly 50% of the foreshore around Scotland’s coast.

Why you should act now

If you have not already, we recommend that you begin the process of voluntary land registration now. The sooner you register your property, the more likely it will be that your overall land registration path will be a smooth one.

If those with neighbouring land to yours decide to register, sell or secure their land first, you may encounter issues triggered by them mistakenly registering part of your land as theirs. If you are faced with trying to correct these types of errors, it will become costly and could ultimately result in losing areas of your land. Although there will be others ahead of you, it is not too late to begin the process now.

Further to avoiding potential problems, voluntarily registering your property now will future proof your titles and provide you with a title that benefits from a state backed guarantee – this will provide more certainty for all parties in any transactions that take place in the future.

How to get started

You will need your historic titles to hand before a plan can be prepared. Once these are available, one of our experts will be happy to review them and provide an estimate of how we can assist you in completing the registration process.

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