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Insights | Education

Seven top health and safety tips for teachers and lecturers

When deciding which health and safety policies should be introduced in an educational environment, an employer should carry out a risk management assessment to identify, analyse, review, and monitor risks. We first highlight some of the key factors for consideration throughout our article, and also share our seven top health and safety tips for all involved in education provision to keep in mind.

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Insights | Transport

Basic Horse Box Guidance

One of the many areas of responsibility of the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency is stated to be “carrying out roadside checks on commercial drivers and vehicles to make sure they follow safety rules and keep their vehicles safe to drive”. Recently, helpful guidance was issued for individuals and businesses involved in the transportation of horses and horse box vehicles and vehicle combinations with trailers.

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Insights | Corporate Law, Education

Could you make your own clean energy? – Four things to understand

We have declared a climate emergency and net-zero is rarely out of the public conversation. There is renewed hope that we have reached a tipping point in the clean energy revolution.

Our students and school pupils have played a critical role in leading us here. They have generated a sense of urgency and made us all realise that we still have agency, and that action is possible.

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Insights | Rural

Change in the Scottish rural land market and responsible investment in natural capital

A longstanding characteristic of the Scottish rural land market is high demand and low supply. Natural capital investment to tackle climate change has emerged as an additional factor. The factors of growing demand for rural lifestyle property, agricultural business expansion, demand for forestry planting land and charitable and institutional investment remain. The topic draws a broad spectrum of opinion from commentators.

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Insights | Rural

Boundaries and Maintenance: What you need to know

Determining where a boundary lies and who is responsible for maintaining it can sometimes be a tricky issue, particularly in a rural context. While the title deeds may be explicit and you need to look no further, in many cases further investigation will be required.

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Insights | Employment

What’s changed and on the horizon for Employment Law

There have been a few changes in employment law in the last month, as well as planned changes in the pipeline. In case you missed them, this article covers the main ones to be aware of.

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Insights | Education, Employment

Pensions and independent schools

Many independent schools in Scotland are participating employers in schemes such as the Scottish Teachers Superannuation Scheme (STSS) and the Scottish Teachers Pension Scheme 2015 (STPS). Participation in these defined benefit schemes is often seen as an important tool in recruiting the best candidates for teaching positions, but at the same time schools are facing funding pressures and this has only been exacerbated by the pandemic.

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Insights | Commercial Property

There is a new, higher standard for homebuilding in the UK

The New Homes Quality Code (“New Code”) was published on 17 December 2021 and replaces the current Consumer Code for Home Builders. The New Code is designed to “fill in the gaps” of the Consumer Code by introducing additional requirements for property developers.

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Insights | Housing

Short Term Letting Control and Other Housing Issues

There are several important changes to Housing Law in the pipeline. Legislation changes surrounding short term letting control as well as fire alarms are now in place, with others (potentially) to come – this article will provide an overview of both categories.

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Insights | Rural

Register of Persons Holding a Controlled Interest in Land: what you need to know

Land reform can take many guises, and the new Register of Persons Holding a Controlled Interest in Land (“the Register”) is one that we should all be aware of. This new register aims to increase transparency of land ownership in Scotland by making information on who makes decisions and has control of land available to the public.

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