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Any form of dispute creates discomfort, whether it be frustration, a break down in a business relationship, or a fear of losing face. A dispute absorbs time and energy and distracts from productivity.

Our trained mediators are here to assist parties involved in a dispute find the path towards resolution, with support, guidance and empowerment.

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Finding the solution to reset the equilibrium

Our mediators are people first; they understand the emotional toll that a dispute can have on individuals and how this can affect productivity within a business. Our mediators offer their skills of endurance, commercial awareness, and emotional intelligence to help you remain empowered and supported throughout the mediation process. Our mediators are robust, they will probe and challenge you constructively to understand your ideas or reasoning, and to ensure that you are given the opportunity of introspection and to ‘reality test’ your solutions.

We invite you to be open-minded, progressive, and thoughtful. We suggest that you let go of systemically biased notions towards dispute resolution processes. We ask that you embrace and commit to a tailored resolution forum that is individually designed to suit each party’s particular needs.

Why mediation?

Commercial considerations

Continued disputes inevitably lead to the breakdown of commercial relationships. Our mediation and resolutions services allow both parties to preserve these important business relationships by coming together to find a mutually beneficial solution. The process is also confidential which can be of great importance when a dispute involves commercially sensitive information.


The mediation process can be quick, with resolutions achieved in a matter of a few days. Conversely, court proceedings often are constrained by the pressures of other business, which often equates to many months of waiting for court time.


At Anderson Strathern, we care about our people, and we choose to work with other organisations that also put this ideology at the core of their business. We feel that the emotional cost of conflict is understated and underestimated and believe that all continued conflict has a cost. For this reason, we approach your resolution process taking into account the specific nuances of the parties involved, so that we can help you find the best route to a solution.

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Our service is tailored to fit your needs, and we seek to promote and enhance the particular personal and business relationships that make your organisation work. Talk to us about how mediation and a different approach to dispute resolution could help you.

"Anderson Strathern is among the best firms of commercial litigation solicitors in the country. They have long and deep experience of working with counsel on large commercial disputes before the Court of Session, especially its commercial court, and on appeal all the way to the Supreme Court. Their team, from new qualifieds to experienced partners, are all knowledgeable, motivated and cohesive. They are quick and efficient in following up on all enquiries, preparations and tactics advised by counsel."

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