It’s good to talk – why mediation is a great dispute resolution option

It’s good to talk – why mediation is a great dispute resolution option

With International Mediation Awareness Week approaching, we’re sharing an overview of what is involved in the mediation process and why it can be favourable to alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as adjudications and litigations.

In this podcast, our mediation expert, Jemma Forrest, and construction law specialist, Alistair Dean, talk to Frazer Wardhaugh, legal director and company secretary at BAM Construct UK Ltd. The trio discuss the value of mediation, noting its merits but also highlighting that the timing and the attitude of both parties is key to its success.

As an in-house lawyer, Frazer is familiar with mediation from a client’s perspective and he shares some of his experiences with our experts. He also explains the various possible ways to measure the success of the mediation process.

We all know that major disputes involve a huge amount time and resource. This can create a feeling of uncertainty within a business and can also claim staff time which could otherwise be spent much more productively. Resolving a dispute using mediation can lead to a positive impact on staff morale and can preserve commercial relationships. It can also help clients to reflect on and learn from the circumstances which led to the dispute in the first place.

Listen to our podcast for more insights, examples and a fascinating discussion around all aspects of mediation.

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