Home is where the heart is – but it’s time to use your head

Home is where the heart is – but it’s time to use your head

From having to close down overnight, to experiencing its biggest boom in recent times, the revolving door of change has certainly been in full swing for the residential property market over the past two years.

The pandemic was the catalyst for a monumental shift in the reasons behind recent home moves and the property industry had to swiftly adapt to understand and respond to these new triggers. However, there will always be an emotional factor associated with purchasing a home which isn’t often the case in other major investments, and traditionally, there has been a great deal of advice available for sellers but almost no support for purchasers.

In this podcast, our experts Sara Jalicy, Jemma Richardson and Edwina de Klee explain why this needs to change by highlighting that having a specialist to consult means that there is an impartial party who can help buyers to make a pragmatic decision as to whether or not a property is right for their needs and also to provide guidance on a sensible approach to bidding.

Listen to this podcast to find out more about how our team believes this motivational change will influence the future of Scottish house purchasing and to hear their insights into some of the key questions a potential buyer should consider in advance, and which to seek expert advice on.

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