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Anderson Strathern Legal Updates

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February 2015

Review of Agricultural Holdings Legislation - Paper 3

Our third review of AHLRG's final report covers recommendations by AHLRG for specific amendments to the existing legislation which will fundamentally alter the terms of leases and the landlord and tenant relationship.

Review of Agricultural Holdings Legislation - Paper 4

Our fourth review of AHLRG's final report is a sweep up of miscellaneous matters not dealt with in the other three papers.

Timetable for Scottish court reforms is announced

The Lord President, Lord Gill, has set out the timetable for implementing the reforms to the civil court system set out in the Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014.

January 2015

Overprovision of licensed premises

Boards continue to introduce and enforce overprovision policies as debate about the provision of alcohol and its impact on health and crime continues.

Pub loses licensing appeal

Trust Inns Ltd loses licensing appeal against City of Glasgow Licensing Board.

Personal licences revoked across Scotland

Thousands of personal licence holders across Scotland will have their licences revoked after failure to comply with the much criticised Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.

Dismissals for private Twitter use might be fair

EAT has held that dismissal for offensive, non-work related comments on a personal Twitter account is potentially fair.

Obesity can (still) be a disability

The European Court of Justice has determined that obesity will be considered a disability under European law if it “hinders full and effective participation in professional life”.

Tribunal fees are here to stay (for a while)

The High Court has rejected UNISON’s second challenge to the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees. However, the administration of fees may be devolved to the Scottish Government under "devo max".

Choose your words wisely –“label” misconduct appropriately

The Court of Appeal upheld a Tribunal’s finding that incorrectly describing misconduct as “fraud” did not prevent a dismissal from being fair.

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